The Technical Committee for Surveillance and Response to COVID-19 implements the action plan in the district of Mongomo

The Technical Committee for Surveillance and Response to COVID-19 implements the action plan in the district of Mongomo

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Diosdado Vicente Nsue Milang, returned on May 5, 2021 to the city of Mongomo to deny a series of false and alarming information that circulates through digital channels. Although the appearance of new COVID-19 cases constitutes an alarm situation, the situation is perfectly controlled and the established action plan is being implemented.

After the notification of an increase in patients treated with acute respiratory infections (ARI) at the Virgen de Guadalupe Polyclinic, in the months of March and April, the Technical Surveillance and Response Committee carried out an evaluation of the epidemiological situation of the Mongomo district. Specifically, 98 cases of ARF were reported, of which 45 were in March and 53 in April, of which a total of 29 patients were admitted with clinical elements of pneumonia. No deaths were reported nor were there any cases that required invasive ventilation.

Implementation of the action plan

As in the rest of the provinces visited by Minister Nsue Milang, the Mongomo district has an action plan contextualized to its reality. The measures for this district are the implementation of an intervention plan that establishes a series of immediate actions to be developed by the Provincial Technical Subcommittee and the Regional Technical Subcommittee. As well as the formation of a multidisciplinary team composed of a specialist in Epidemiology, a laboratory specialist for COVID-19, a microbiologist and a specialist in Internal Medicine, who make a deep analysis of the situation.

On the other hand, the action plan also foresees a retrospective epidemiological analysis of at least 30% of the cases involved, emphasizing those who were hospitalized and those who are still active at the time of the intervention. And the implementation of a surveillance and monitoring system for ARI cases in the Mongomo district for the active search for cases and their mapping, identifying the population at risk.

COVID-19 Case Management Protocol

All cases detected in the Mongomo district are managed in accordance with the established protocol for surveillance and response to COVID-19: identify, isolate and treat. This is followed by an evaluation of the diagnostic media system that includes the entire critical path of tests (rapid IgM antibodies to recent cases with 10 to 14 days and IgG to those with more than 21 days of evolution), from the sampling, processing, recording and quality control at the Reference Laboratory in Baney.