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Last Updated: 17 February,  2023

Data at: February 16 2023

Vaccination map

Key points in the evolution of vaccination

News (Last 7 days)Totals
Total Vaccinated 1st dose270.109
Total Vaccinated 2nd dose214.032
Total Vaccinated 3rd dose4.597
> 15 Contacts per day270.109
With Cormobilities8.828
Health Personnel9.105
Military Corps12.873
Other Professionals248.132

Total doses administered488.738

Evolution of vaccinated per vaccination points

Vaccinated by region

Representation of vaccinated by province

Note: After cleaning the data, the following distribution of vaccinated by district is found:

The district of Malabo accumulates the highest percentage of vaccinated (35.86% with the 1st dose, 30.96% with the 2nd dose and 50.59% who have already received the 3rd dose), followed by Bata (30.49% with 1st dose, 32.72% with the 2nd dose and 29.82% who have already received the 3rd dose) and Baney is the third district with the most vaccinated (5.73% with the 1st dose, 5.39% with the 2nd dose and only 4.59% who already received the 3rd dose).

Representation of vaccinated by district

Vaccine Dose Distributed vs Vaccine Dose Administered

Distribution of vaccinated by profession

The distribution of those vaccinated according to professional groups is as follows: 91.86% of those vaccinated are from different professions not related to health or the military. The military group represents 4.77% of the total vaccinated and the health professional group represents 3.37%

Vaccinated by sex

Total vaccinated vs vaccinated with the 2nd dose

Of the 270,109 people vaccinated with at least one dose, some 209,435 (77.54%) have already received the second dose (complete schedule) and some 4,597 (1.7%) have already received the booster dose.


New (last 7 days)Accumulated
Total Test587405.262
Initial confirmation test (No control or registrations)587400.887


Epidemiological Curve of Confirmed Cases per day

Epidemiological curve of tests and results

Comparison of Tests performed vs Results (17 December – 16 February)

Proportion of positive cases per week (positivity rate)

This graph shows an increase in the weekly positivity rate in proportion to new cases, going from 0.52% (week of February 05 to 11, 2023) to 3.19% week of (February 12 to 18, 2023).

Hospitalizations per day

This graph shows a decrease in new hospitalized cases (last hospitalizations of Covid-19 cases took place on October 20, 2022) due to symptoms.

Confirmed cases by districts

Confirmed cases by age and gender

Confirmed Cases by Region

New (last 7 days)Accumulated

Confirmed Cases







Most affected age group

15-45 (60,19%)
Insular Region77,23%
Continental Region22,77%

Percentage of asymptomatic cases

Positive health professionals0

Health professionals deceased6
Positivity rate 2.64.3






Fatality rate


Active cases


Active case management

Hospitalized cases0
Mild or moderate cases0
Serious cases0
Critical cases0


No. of direct contacts Accumulated46126
No. active contacts1000
Percentage of contacts in follow-up
(last 24 h)

La situación actual de la pandemia del Covid-19, en relación al periodo comprendido entre el 3 de marzo y el 15 de junio 2020, se presenta de la siguiente manera

Test realizados

Casos confirmados

* Notes: in order to always offer refined data, the updating of the information and the constant cleaning of the data is being carried out