Health Policies

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea works to promote quality governance in health, which allows greater provision of services, the promotion of a culture of accountability and universal access to integrated health care, continuous, equitable and sustainable focused on the health security of the person.


The National Health Policy is translated into a series of sectoral policies and operational programs, the main mission of which is to strengthen and consolidate the achievements in health and to promote the adoption and application of universal health coverage for equitable access to the population to the health services available in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.


National Health Development Plan (PNDS)

The mission of the National Health Development Plan (PNDS) (2021-2025) is to provide the Republic of Equatorial Guinea with a powerful, resilient health system capable of guaranteeing universal access to quality health services and a state of health optimal to sustain the durability of economic growth and national development.


Quality health for all

  1. Nutrition Program
  2. Oral Health Program
  3. IMCI Program (Comprehensive Care for Prevalent Diseases in Childhood)
  4. Expanded Vaccination Program (PAV)
  5. Reproductive Health Program
  6. Onchocerciasis control program

Health Security

  1. Outbreak management
  2. Disaster management

Health promotion

  1. Malaria Control Program (PNLP)
    1. 1. BIMEP
  2. Program to combat Tuberculosis and Leprosy (PNLT)
  3. Oral Health Program
  4. Mental Health Program
  5. Program to combat non-communicable diseases
  6. Program to fight against Smoking and other drugs