The Baney Research Laboratory, a key piece for the containment of COVID-19 in Equatorial Guinea

The Baney Research Laboratory is becoming a key player in the containment of COVID-19 in Equatorial Guinea. Since last February, it has analyzed more than 240 samples, detecting -to date- nine positive cases.

Since last weekend, the Baney Research Laboratory has doubled its testing capacity from 20 to more than 40 tests daily. It is expected to reach more than 80 a day, by the end of this week.

Thanks to the mobilization of resources from the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons and the oil companies, the acquisition of robotic machinery Cobas 8800 -with capacity for more than 4,000 tests per day- or Cobas 6800 -to process more than 1000.

WHO Certification
We recall that the Baney Research Laboratory has received the certification of quality control in the detection of COVID19 by the World Health Organization (WHO).

At this time, the Baney Research Center is subject to different audits to achieve Comprehensive Certification, worldwide and in accordance with the ISO 15189 standard, which establishes all the requirements that clinical laboratories that analyze biological samples of origin must meet. human.

Communication Office of the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Mitoha Ondo’o Ayekaba