Equatorial Guinea mobilizes on World Malaria Day

Equatorial Guinea mobilizes on World Malaria Day

Within the framework of World Malaria Day, the National Program to Fight Malaria (PNLP) of MINSABS joins the “Zero Malaria” campaign with different actions throughout the country.

On the island of Bioko, the district health teams of Riaba, Luba and Baney, led by their chief doctors, have carried out community environmental sanitation work. Why is it important in the fight against malaria? Because the anopheles mosquito no longer bites inside houses but outside.

What is environmental sanitation?

Among other actions, it consists of the general cleaning of the surroundings, collecting all those water storage containers that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, filling the puddles with mud and applying larvicide in the larger ones.

World Malaria Day is a good opportunity to raise awareness. In the continental region, educational talks have been organized in communities, schools and churches. Mosquito nets have also been distributed among the most vulnerable population.

Minister Nsue Milang, in his speech for World Malaria Day, urges the population of EquatorialGuinea to join efforts to achieve a country free of the disease.

On the other hand, Minister Nsue Milang recalled that malaria does not respect the pandemic situation due to COVID-19. “If you have a fever, headache or general malaise, do not stay home, go to the hospital for diagnosis and further treatment,” said Minister Nsue Milang.